Elevate Academy Of Dance Term Calendar

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Elevate Academy Of Dance Term Calendar

Term 1 – 6 weeks
3rd Sept-13th Oct

Term 2 – 6 weeks
15th Oct-1st Dec
(Closed 29th Oct-4th Nov Midterm break)

Term 3 – 6 weeks
3rd Dec-2nd Feb
(PVD for Tsteps/Mini’s is Saturday 15th December) CLOSED 17th Dec-7th Jan.)

Term 4 – 6 weeks
4th Feb-23rd March
(Closed for mid-term on 18th Feb- 24th Feb and closed on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th March)

Term 5 – 8 weeks
25th March-June 2nd
(Closed 15th-28th April, however, we will open on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th April to make up for days closed in March).

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